How To Deal With Rats Coming Through The Drains

As temperatures drop, rats and mice will seek shelter in warm places.

Where there is food, water, and shelter, rats are bound to take up residence if you’re not careful.

Rodents need only a tiny hole to enter your property, and drains are common entry points. Therefore, old drains and drains without caps are vulnerable areas.

Once you spot the presence of rats, it’s vital to act quickly.

There are various methods to deter and remove rats, such as using rodenticides for sewers. However, this may need to be continuously used to keep the problem at bay. They are also highly toxic and pose a danger to other animals and wildlife in the nearby environment.

Better strategies exist, such as installing a non-return valve. Rats need to leave their nest to drink water, so they will slip through the valve on the way out but can’t get back in. It’s a simple but clever way to deal with rats inside sewers.

Other methods to prevent rats from entering drains include ensuring the surrounding areas of your sewers and drains in clean. And consider what waste you are pouring down the drain, as this can be a source of food for rats.

The first step is to diagnose the problem, so contact us to arrange an assessment of your situation. We use leading industry treatments to inspect for rats.