Pest Control for Cockroaches

A fast and effective pest control service for Cockroaches in Central Scotland

Professional cockroach pest control to restore the healthy enviornment of your property

Cockroaches can quickly turn into a severe nuisance and health hazard, since they are rapidly breeding insects that are able to survive even in the harshest conditions.

It's also true that they've developed resistance to certain pesticides, which makes it difficult to eradicate a major infestation using products purchased over the counter.

This is why it's important to hire an experienced pest control company who can apply the most effective techniques to remove the cockroaches properly.

The process of eliminating cockroaches

Zest Pest Control will inspect your home or work place to determine how severe the infestation of cockroaches is.

A special bait gel can be used to draw the insects towards it, which then poisons and kills all cockroaches that eat it.

Follow-up visits can be scheduled to ensure that the cockroaches are completely eliminated, and we will provide helpful suggestions on how you can keep cockroaches out of your home or business in the future.

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