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A fast and effective pest control service for Birds in Central Scotland

Zest Pest Control are experts in bird pest control, as well as bird removal and prevention

We offer a personalized and discrete service for the removal of birds from all kinds of buildings such as houses, shops, warehouses, garages, and historical buildings and monuments.

Birds are becoming a more frequent issue, affecting both commercial and residential properties.

Houses with solar panels can offer pigeons perfect nesting spots, while commercial properties have found that the mere presence of birds and their fouling on their property causes health and safety problems, and can result in a negative impact on their brand.

Nesting materials and bird droppings can lead to spread of many of illnesses and the spread of ectoparasites, such as chicken mites, bed bugs, and yellow mealworms.

Here are some of the problems birds can cause:

  • Bird droppings can be corrosive, can stain or cause damage to construction materials
  • Bird droppings that land on pavements are a safety risk, as it can lead to injuries from slips and falls
  • Birds nests can be a fire hazard if they are located near electrical equipment or lights
  • Birds nests near food production facilities and warehouses can cause contamination of products and equipment
  • Birds nests can cause water drainage problems due to the clogging of drains
  • Large populations of birds cause a lot of noise, especially if they get inside chimneys, above drop ceilings, and inside flues and vents
  • Birds can nest under solar panels which can lead to contamination and health risks

Zest Pest Control are here to solve your bird related problems as we have many years of experience in bird pest control.

Whether it's residential or commercial, our pest control experts can visit your property to conduct a survey before advising of the best method of treatment.

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