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Rats infest over 1 million homes in the UK every year and the problem seems to be on the rise

Rats are capable of spreading a range of diseases in both indoor and outdoor areas. This is due to their ability to survive in almost any environment, such as commercial and residential properties.

Rats transmit diseases as they move around via their feet, fur, urine, and droppings. The most serious diseases spread by rats are Weil's disease as well as bacterial diseases like salmonella.

Rats are known to cause damage to properties by gnawing at lead, wood, and hard metals. They can also damage electrical wire, water pipes as well as drainage and water systems.

Professional pest control solutions for rats

Rats are known to stick to just a few areas for feeding, so the most important factor to ensure complete eradication of rats is to ensure that there is plenty of bait put out for them, and that the dose of the active ingredient is high enough. Low, sub-lethal doses can affect the degree of control that can be sustained over time.

The most frequently used type of bait is whole grain, and rodenticides like Bromadialone and Difenacoum can be utilized in both outdoor and indoor settings.

Many people attempt to deal with the problem on their own, only to discover that they are making the problem worse by buying the wrong pesticides from DIY shops. These products can be very ineffective and are of a lower quality than those used by experienced pest control specialists.

Zest Pest Control guarantees to apply the most effective solutions for rat control, and will also provide tips to stop future infestations of rats.

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