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Fast and effective bed bug treatment in Central Scotland

Keep your home free from bed bugs and uncomfortable bites with our heat and spray treatments

The common bed bug (Cimex lectularius) is one of the most well-adapted to human environments. These bed bugs feed on human blood and can now be found all across the world.

Adult bed bugs appear reddish brown, oval shaped, flattened and wingless. The most common misconception is that they're not visible to the naked eye. Adults can grow up to 5 millimetres in length, and they don't move at a speed that is fast enough to escape your attention. Therefore, they are easily spotted if you look in the right places.

Minor infestations may be difficult to discover and it's not uncommon for people to be totally unaware that they have bed bugs early on.

A pattern of bites in groups or rows are a sign to look out for, and bites can be found in many parts of the body, so inspect your body thoroughly from top to bottom if you suspect you have bed bugs.

Professional bed bug treatment

Fast and effective treatments for bed bugs are essential to prevent serious health issues and to stop an infestation that can quickly grow out of control and become harder to deal with.

Zest Pest Control specializes in bed bug control and will thoroughly inspect your home to determine the extent of the infestation and the rooms that are affected. We will then decide on the best method of treatments.

A combination of spray and heat treatments

Our method combines both heat and chemical spray treatments, which is a sure-fire way of removing bed bugs once and for all!

Many pest control measures can leave a false sense of security when it comes to fighting bed bugs and with some spray and fog treatments, bed bugs can just lay low for a while before they resurface to feed again, which results in you requiring further costly treatments.

Heat treatments however, reach areas in your house that pesticide sprays and fog simply cannot reach. The Achilles heel of bed bugs is heat, so once you expose bed bugs to 48 degrees centigrade or hotter, both the bugs and eggs die very rapidly, in less than a minute.

After the initial treatment, we will re-visit your property approximately two weeks later to check on the situation. You will receive a detailed report about the service completed. We will also provide tips on how to prevent further bed bug infestations in future.

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