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margaret lynn
a year ago
Great service and very professional. Paul was brilliant I have a phobia of mice so I was delighted when he was available the day I phoned him, he was here in 1 hour. Thank you Paul

Our goal is to offer fast-response, high-quality pest control solutions at reasonable prices in Coatbridge

Zest Pest Control provides safe and effective pest control solutions for businesses and homes in Coatbridge to completely eradicate any pest problem you might be facing.

Years working in the pest control industry lets us know what our clients want, so we provide a personalized, simple, affordable service that will satisfy your requirements.

Our pest control specialists are experts in dealing with mice, rats, insects, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, wasps, ants, birds, squirrels as well as many other pests.

We are aware that all pest problems require quick action. This is why we guarantee a speedy response to visit your home or business premises, whether it's a one-off visit to clear a pest infestation, or as part of your regular pest maintenance program.

What you can expect from Zest Pest Control:

  • A comprehensive assessment of your property
  • Quick, efficient pest removal in Coatbridge
  • Aftercare services to stop the pests from recurring

We work on the principle that a prompt and reliable service with affordable prices will ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

We recognize the need for ecological, but also modern and business-friendly pest control methods that comply with the current guidelines and legislations.

We ensure that our pest management services are legally and professionally in line with the latest best practices and standards in the pest control industry.

For more details about any of our services for controlling pests in the Coatbridge area, or to request a free no-obligation quote, call our professional pest control experts today.

Our service area includes (but is not limited to): Airdrie, Motherwell, Hamilton, Wishaw, Coatbridge, Bellshill, Rutherglen, East Kilbride, Cambuslang, Blantyre, Shotts, Uddingston, Larkhall, Carluke, Bothwell, Strathaven, Cleland, Lesmahagow, Newmains, Chapelhall.

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Pest Control for Rats Coatbridge

pest control for rats coatbridge

Rats aren't fussy eaters, but they do require a consistent water source. Therefore, outside bins are an attractive food and nesting area for them. To eradicate them, we lay down plenty of bait with a high amount of active ingredients to reduce their population. Using a lower amount of sub-lethal rat poison means we can gradually reduce their presence over time.

We use whole grain foods that rats love mixed with rodenticides, such as Bromadialone and Difenacoum. These can be used both outdoors and indoors. We use high-quality solutions that are highly effective at controlling and eliminating rat infestations. We also give advice and suggestions to help you prevent future rat infestations.

Pest Control for Rats Coatbridge

pest control for mice coatbridge

You can trust us to eliminate mice from inside and outside of your property. Not only can we successfully remove mice, but we also thoroughly clean the surrounding area and put in place other measures to help deter mice from ever coming back.

Mice droppings, urine, and fur that have been shed pose a significant health risk, as well as an unsightly and unpleasant environment. Some people experience sneezing and itchiness; whereas, others have allergic reactions or even infections in more serious cases. So, it's important to act swiftly to control and eliminate mice to prevent problems from escalating. Call us straight away if you spot any signs of mice inside or outside your property.

Pest Control for Birds Coatbridge

pest control for birds coatbridge

Birds have become a bigger issue in recent years. They equally affect commercial and residential areas, occupying houses, garages, warehouses, and shops. Our team is highly skilled at eradicating and preventing birds from causing problems.

We also respect our client's need for discretion to avoid disruption to their business operations and even reputation. Therefore, you can rely on us to give you a personalized service by visiting your property, assessing the situation, and offering the right treatment to swiftly solve the issue.

Zest Pest Control can be relied on to implement solutions that work, ensuring birds don't return to the same spot.

Pest Control for Wasps Coatbridge

pest control for wasps coatbridge

We offer wasp removal services to effectively eradicate wasps and wasp nests no matter where they're located. We know how frustrating, and sometimes how dangerous wasps can be to you. The summertime is the peak wasp season, however they also appear in spring in fewer numbers making them easier to remove. Wasps like to nest in loft spaces, chimneys, trees, or garden walls.

We always use advanced methods and professional equipment to keep everyone safe from wasps when removing their nest. We'll successfully remove wasps from any premises, and suggest ways to prevent wasps from becoming attracted to your property in the future.

Pest Control for Insects Coatbridge

pest control for insects coatbridge

There are many types of insects that can infest your home. From ants, cockroaches, flies, and fleas, to the much-dreaded bed bugs. Fortunately, we have the right solution to each of these problems.

Once we have identified the type of insect, we can formulate a suitable treatment plan. Whether you operate a commercial building or live in a residential area, we have the right tools to eliminate pests.

Our dedicated and passionate team can inspect your property and discuss all options to solve the issue.

Pest Control for Squirrels Coatbridge

pest control for wasps south lanarkshire

Squirrels are known to cause many issues for property owners. They typically invade lofts, roof spaces, and other sheltered areas in your garden. Fortunately, it's easy to detect their presence; they often make scratching noises and leave droppings, letting you know where they are.

Squirrels can bite when they feel threatened, and like to defend their territory, especially when their offspring is in their nest. So, it's important to keep your distance. However, they don't carry diseases and cause illness to humans. Your main concern is damage to your property, as they destroy garden areas, allotments, and woodlands.

Pest Control for Ants Coatbridge

pest control for ants coatbridge

Ants are a nuisance and hard to control, but it's possible to eliminate them with the right tools. If DIY methods, such as honey, powder, water, and vinegar, are proving ineffective, it's time to call in the experts.

Our team uses the most advanced chemicals and organic solutions available on the market today. Our techniques may involve spraying cracks and crevices and laying down bait to sufficiently control and eliminate ants.

It's important to identify which type of ant species is invading your home, so call us to help you so we can formulate a strategy to make your home bug free again.

Pest Control for Cockroaches Coatbridge

pest control for cockroaches coatbridge

Cockroaches pose a serious risk to your health, as they carry harmful bacteria. They also breed rapidly and are very resilient creatures able to endure harsh environments.

Cockroaches have also developed a resistance to many pesticides, making it harder to eliminate their presence using over-the-counter products. Therefore, we have access to the most effective chemicals that are guaranteed to work.

Call us to inspect your property and to discuss which approach to take to quickly eliminate this pest before they grow in numbers.

Pest Control for Bed Bugs Coatbridge

pest control for bed bugs coatbridge

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to remove on your own. However, our heat and spray treatments are the most effective way to quickly eliminate an issue so you can get back to enjoying a good night's sleep.

It's important to act quickly when you first spot the signs of bed bugs, as they can multiply rapidly, causing the situation to spiral out of control. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes to remove them. Whilst they don't cause illness in humans, their presence is enough to cause anxiety and sleep deprivation.

Call us whenever you spot the signs or if you require further advice on how to prevent an infestation from occurring.