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Squirrels are on the increase and they can be found in all parts of Central Scotland

Squirrels will typically be found in lofts, attics, roof spaces and outbuildings. Their presence is usually given away by their noisy scratching sounds and their droppings.

They aren't believed to be carriers of human illnesses, but can bite if they feel threatened.

Additionally, grey squirrels can transmit fleas to domestic pets, which would require treatment with animal flea treatment products.

They are also known to cause damage to allotments, woodlands as well as other outdoor and garden areas.

If squirrels locate a suitable place to settle, it becomes their "territory" and they'll defend the territory they have at all times, particularly when they have children in the nest. This can cause them to become angry and aggressive when they are disturbed.

It is commonly believed that if an entry hole is blocked, that's the problem solved. However, this is not the case. Entry points should not be blocked until the infestation of squirrels is totally eliminated.

Control and prevention of squirrels

If squirrels are nesting in your roof you can block their access by securing the entry points with chicken wire. However, it is essential to be sure there aren't squirrels of any age within your attic prior to conducting any work to proof the area.

The attic's entrances may sometimes be difficult to access, so you may need to speak with a pest control specialist to complete the task for you.

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