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A fast and effective pest control service for Insects in Central Scotland

Treatment and prevention of all types of insects found in homes and businesses

We specialise in providing comprehensive insect control solutions and services based on the extent and nature of an infestation.


The most efficient methods of stopping an ant infestation is to block these insects from gaining access to food sources. They are mainly attracted to sweet foods, but they will also look for protein sources like meats. Ants are known to be adamant to find food sources and are able to get into containers and jars even through the smallest of gaps.


We have many years of experience dealing with beetles in homes and businesses across Central Scotland. Utilizing a variety of techniques, our local team can offer your business the right solution tailored to your needs.


If you're looking to get rid of flies, fly spray is only effective in the early stages of an infestation and if the amount of flies is fairly low. Zest Pest Control offers a range of solutions and will provide the most effective methods of treatment for your property and eliminate any issue, regardless of the extent of the problem.

Bed Bugs

In order to control these pests a thorough programme is required. Bed bugs can infest adjoining rooms and floors above and below as an infestation grows, or if a host is not found within the immediate area. We will carry out an extensive survey along with an integrated pest control programme to fully eradicate your bed bugs.


Cockroaches carry an array of illnesses that are dangerous for humans. If not treated by a skilled pest control expert, the problem could grow to epidemic proportions within a short amount of time.


Fleas can be found in many parts of your home due to being carried by pets and items of clothing. Utilizing the most effective techniques for your business or home, our pest control experts will provide you with a thorough control and prevention solution.


Moths can cause massive destruction to household objects within a short time. If you are suffering from a problem with moths, they need to be dealt sooner rather than later, to minimize damage to your property and possessions.

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