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When you have an ant infestation on your hands, you can count on Zest Pest Control to make things right

Having an ant infestation is a pain because there can be so many of them and sometimes no matter what you personally try, they just keep coming back through different entry points.

In the UK the most familiar insect that we see is the species of ant called the black garden ant and although it poses no threat of danger to people, the ants can be numerous and unsightly rushing in and out of our homes and garden scurrying backward and forward to their nest.

You need to identify the correct species of ant, location of the nest and the circumstances in order to carry out effective ant pest control. A common black garden ant will act and react differently to others.

Why you should opt for a professional solution

The control of ants and treatment of these insects can take some time and can be quite hard to do and you need to know what type of ant you are dealing with and where they are nesting.

If you have researched all the home remedies and solutions to remove them, such as honey, powder or water and vinegar etc. but it's still not working, then it's probably time to contact specialists.

Our team have years of experience along with expert expertise in the pest control industry. Since we're infestation specialists we know the most effective solutions to eliminate dangerous or unwanted pests out of households and other buildings.

We use the most up to date chemicals and organic solutions on the market. The treatments we employ, spraying cracks and crevices and laying bait, obtain the quickest results. Our ant eradication service is guaranteed.

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