Pest Control for Wasps

A fast and effective wasp removal service in Central Scotland

We provide wasp removal services to eradicate wasps and wasp nests from your property

Wasps can be extremely irritating and aggravating, especially around food and drinks. Wasps tend to build nests around the end of April, often under the the eaves of your home or in the garden walls, bushes, trees, chimneys, and attic spaces.

Wasps will continue building their nests through the summer and as the population grows they can reach up to 6,000 wasps within a single nest.

Zest Pest Control uses the most advanced methods to ensure that all wasps are removed and the nest is safely disposed of. We can eliminate wasps on all residential properties, business premises, industrial units, and all other work areas.

What you can expect from our Wasp Nest Removal service:

  • Safe removal of wasp nests
  • Fast, efficient, and stress-free service
  • Same-day assistance where possible
  • Fully qualified and experienced technicians

Wasps are among the insects you don't want to mess with. If they are irritated, they may attack and sting in large numbers.

If you find a wasps nest in your garden or around your property it is recommended to have it removed. If you don't you're at risk of getting injured. Children are particularly prone to life-threatening allergic reactions after being stung by a raging wasp.

It's not advised to attempt handling the nest yourself. Wasp nest removal requires professional handling by specialists with the skills, experience and appropriate equipment for the job.

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