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A fast and effective pest control service for Mice in Central Scotland

Zest Pest Control can be relied on to remove all mice from in and around your property

As part of our mouse control service we will eliminate all mice from your premises, clean all surfaces, and put in measures to prevent any further problems.

Mouse infestations need to be indentified early by looking out for the signs, and if the signs are there an assessment should be carried out by a professional pest control expert so that the problem can be addressed sooner rather than later.

Identifying the presence of mice

Mice are small and agile, and can find their way into your home via holes and cracks in walls, foundation, floors, windows, drain pipes, and sewer lines.

Oven gas lines may also offer them an entry route into your home, as the bodily structure of mice allows them to squeeze through holes much smaller than you would imagine.

To keep mice out, any noticeable gaps should be sealed appropriately, secure the lids on all food containers, and eliminate waste immediately.

The incisors of mice grow continuously and all mice have a habit of gnawing. If you find gnaw marks on food items and objects, it is a sure sign that there are mice around.

You can also look out for droppings, specifically in the areas where mice are likely to travel to get to food sources.

Mice sleep at night, therefore if you spot them on your property during daylight hours, this means it's highly likley that the population is already flourishing.

The health dangers of a mouse infestation

The most common sources of health issues and discomfort caused by mice is from their urine, mouse droppings, and fur that has been shed. They may trigger different reactions, from sneezing and itching to allergies and various infections.

This is something that all homeowners would like to avoid, regardless of whether you live in your house or you rent the property out.

Mice can also carry dangerous viruses. For instance, nearly half of Norway's mice carry Weil's disease in their urine. Apart from flu-like symptoms, kidney failure and jaundice, this illness may cause death in certain cases. Mice can also transmit Tularemia that causes anorexia, fever and pneumonia, and has a 1% mortality rate.

For businesses in the hospitality industry and the processing industry, the presence of mice isn't just undesirable, the conditions are also controlled with legal regulations.

Mice are among the greatest dangers for businesses of all kinds. Mice can cause havoc and their chewing habits can result in damage to all sorts of solid materials like plastic, wood, cables and electrical wiring. Many fires of an 'unknown origin' are actually the result of chewed cables.

Do not wait for mice to cause problems. If you suspect that you have mice in your home or on your business premises, take action immediately to prevent the health risks and damage to your property.

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