How To Get Rid Of Rats In Your Home

Finding a rat in your home is an alarming experience and an inconvenience.

Luckily, there are several ways to get rid of rats in your home. With a combination of new habits, deep cleaning, and perseverance, your rat infestation will be a thing of the past.

So what steps should you take if you spot a rat?

1) Find their resting place

Rats like to move around at night in search of food; therefore, look for activity during the night. Look out for droppings, pieces of food, and rat fur. These signs should help you figure out which room they’re in.

2) Block their entry points

Once you have located their resting place, look for gaps and holes around your wall. Small cracks and crevices near pipes, windows, doors, and vents should be sealed to prevent rats from entering your home again.

3) Remove the rats

Now that you’ve sealed entry points, it’s time to remove them. You can use rat traps and bait if you prefer not to kill them, but this is cumbersome, and you will have better results by calling in a professional. An expert will perform a thorough job and ensure rats are eliminated.

4) Change your habits

Even after the rats are gone, you’ll need to address any habits that may have encouraged them to enter your home. So start by drawing up a cleaning schedule and ensure you regularly clean your kitchen and other rooms.

Also, double check all the previous entry points are still strong enough to prevent rats from gaining entry.

Remember to keep your outdoor bins tidy by ensuring lids are securely closed and empty them before they get full. Eradicate any areas of standing water and fix any leaking pipes or faucets to avoid giving rats a water supply.

These habits will also prevent other pest issues and create a nicer environment in and around your home.

Regardless of which methods you choose, always act quickly once you spot the signs of an infestation. Rats can breed rapidly, resulting in a worsening situation if ignored.

If these methods don’t improve or remove the infestation, call in a pest control expert to solve the problem swiftly.