Which Insects Bite During Your Sleep?

If you notice red areas and itchy spots on your skin in the morning, you’ll want to know what bug has bitten you.

You’ll also want to know how to get rid of them or if they go away on their own.

So, what types of bugs are crawling in your bed at night?

1) Bed Bugs

The most notorious bugs to enter your bed are bed bugs. Their bite marks are small, red and very itchy. If the effects are all in a single line, then there’s a high chance bed bugs are responsible. Further clues will be around your bedroom to confirm whether bed bugs are present. For example, dark spots on your bedding where the bugs have defecated after feeding on your blood.

2) Fleas

Flea bites show up in small clusters and can happen all year round. Bite marks from fleas are much smaller than those caused by other insects. You’ll find these marks on your legs, ankles, waist or armpits.

3) Midges

It’s hard not to notice bite marks from midges as they are more itchy than painful. These are typically outdoor pests, rarely seen inside your bedroom. However, after spending time outdoors during a BBQ or garden party, that’s when they’ll bite. And usually, in the morning that their bite marks show up.

4) Gnats

Gnats are also outdoor pests and leave your skin red and irritated after biting you. Gnat bites will be found scattered in various areas of your skin in random patterns. Sometimes they can cause allergic reactions, leading to blisters forming on your skin.

5) Mosquitoes

Mosquito bites appear red and itchy, leaving a small bump. They mainly occur in the summer, so it may be due to these little creatures if you get bitten a lot during the summer.

Call a professional pest control company if you notice consistent bite marks with similar patterns described above in the mornings

An expert will offer specific advice and solutions on how to deal with an infestation.

So don’t suffer any more irritating nights; call for help, and you can sleep bug-free.