How To Prevent Spiders From Entering Your Home

As Autumn approaches, it means spider season is just around the corner in the UK.

When days shorten, and temperatures drop, spiders search for a new home.

If you’re not a fan of spiders, you’ll want to read on and discover how you can prevent spiders from entering your home.

Here are our top tips:

1) Create Strong Smells In The Home

Spiders are deterred by strong smells such as lemon, oranges, and lime. In addition, eucalyptus, tea tree, and peppermint oil make excellent spider repellent.

Vinegar is also an option; however, most people find it an unpleasant smell to have around the home.

So, choose a scent and spray around entry points, such as window sills and doors.

2) Shut All Windows A Night-time

Spiders like to move around at night. If your windows aren’t closed, they can easily climb in without you noticing. So, ensure that all windows are tightly closed.

3) Keep A Clean House

Too much clutter in your home gives spiders more opportunities to hide and catch their prey. So whether it’s boxes lying around or a room with too many objects, remove them or neatly pack them away.

4) Have a Cat Or a Dog

Cats and dogs might not remove spiders altogether, but they like chasing or catching them, which helps eliminate a few from your house.

5) Turn Off Lights When Not In Use

Spiders have a lot in common with moths; they’re both attracted to lights. So always ensure lights are turned off in rooms that aren’t in use.

Also, keep curtains closed when the lights are on outside to avoid spiders coming to your window.

6) Hoover Your Home Regularly

It’s essential to vacuum your house regularly, which removes webs and clears away potential hiding places for spiders.

7) Remove Spider Webs

Where there’s a web, there’s a spider. So, remove webs to deter spiders from creating another one.

8) Take Away Their Food

Spiders love flies and other bugs, so remove any dead bugs and other creatures from your floor and window sills. Spiders will have less food and less incentive to be in your home.

9) Seal Gaps Around The House

Inspect your home for tiny cracks and crevices that spiders can crawl through or make a shelter.

If you notice more spiders than usual and if these suggestions don’t seem to work, contact us as we can offer expert advice and help eradicate the problem.