Why Are There So Many Flying Ants

Flying ants are common in the UK and it’s estimated that there are one quadrillion ants.

The black garden ant is the most common species. They don’t pose a danger to humans but can be a nuisance. Ants prefer to dig tunnels and live underground, but rarely invade homes and buildings. Males ants measure approximately 4-5mm long; whereas the queens can grow as large as 15mm.

Flying ants tend to swarm every year, where they reproduce and create new colonies. After the young, winged queens mate with winged male ants, the queen chews off her wings and finds a suitable spot to dig a nest and begin a new colony. Ants swam together so they are better protected against predators and increase their chances of finding mates.

What time of the year are they most active?

Flying ants typically appear for a very short time in the summer when it’s hot and humid (around July or August). They’re usually only around for a couple of days before disappearing.

Why should I be concerned about flying ants?

Although flying ants do not need to enter your property to mate or nest, their presence does signify the overall ant population is on the increase. When you notice ants swarming, or you spot a colony, it’s a good idea to eradicate them to prevent any future problems.

Issues can arise when they will go in search of food, as your property will become the target; ants are known to spoil, or contaminate food, and cause illness.

It’s best to call a professional pest controller who has the skills and tools to eliminate ants efficiently.