5 Household Habits That Attract Mice

Mice are very able-bodied creatures

They’re capable of scaling walls, walking across wires, swimming through sewers, and climbing ladders. Therefore, it’s hard to protect every entry point into your home.

However, there are several habits that many households can change to stop attracting mice.

So here are some of the main things you can do to help your home stay rodent-free:

1) Remove clutter

We’re guilty of leaving things to pile up in the corner of our room or storing items in spare rooms. However, this habit gives mice the perfect place to nest and breed.

So throw away items you know you’ll never use again and deep clean areas of your house that you don’t usually clean.

2) Dispose of food waste properly

Taking care to dispose of leftover food is essential to preventing mice from entering your property. Keeping a clean kitchen is one thing, but ensuring that food isn’t left out is another thing that’s often overlooked.

Mice don’t require meat to survive; they can thrive on seeds, oats, and other grains. So always seal food after use or place it in plastic containers.

3) Don’t leave pet food lying around

Pets don’t always finish their food and like to leave some in the bowl for another munch later on. So it’s easy to forget that pet food is lying in a dish on the floor – a perfect opportunity for mice to grab some lunch too.

When your pets leave food behind, always ensure the food is either thrown away or placed into an air-tight container.

4) Beware of entry points for mice

Although mice can squeeze into gaps smaller than their body size, it’s easier for them to climb through open windows or doors instead. So don’t make it easier for them by leaving doors or windows unnecessarily.

5) Beware of mouse droppings

One of the signs of an infestation is mouse droppings. These should be removed immediately, not only because they’re a health hazard but also because they attract other mice. That’s right, mice feel far more comfortable dwelling in an area where other mice have previously been, and other mice droppings reassure them that it’s a safe place to nest.

If you notice any droppings, ensure that any grease marks are removed, then sanitize the area thoroughly.

If you spot a mouse in your property, there’s bound to be more. Act quickly by calling a professional pest control company for advice to prevent an infestation from escalating.